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Fundraise with

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Fundraising program.

Raise money for your event, organization, or cause by selling custom printed apparel with your message.


How it works:


1- Send your design.


• Send us your design, or send your idea and let our artists bring it to life and create your tshirts.


2- Choose your product(s).


• Choose between t-shirts, long sleeves, crew necks, hoodies, jacket, polos and cofee mugs or combine them.

•Be carefull when choosing to many products.  We require a minimum purchase of 12 pieces per item. If your fundraiser does not reach the

minimum, the money will be refunded to the customers that did purchase.


3- Set product price and shipping options.

• Base and lowest price is $14 per standard t-shirt, but you can set any price you like after

$14. We recommend that it does not go above $25 for t-shirts. (See product list for pricing

details on other items)

• Fundraising beneficiary takes 40% of the sale (sale does not include tax and/or shipping )

• We have 2 shipping options. You can have us ship directly to the customer (shipping

charge will apply), or we can ship directly to the fundraiser organizer to be distributed by

the organizar.


4- Set fundraiser length.


• The fundraiser campaign can last from 7 to 45 days depending on your needs.

• Production starts at the end of the fundraiser meaning that customers will get the products

7 to 10 business days after the end of the fundraising. Set the time accordingly.


5- Promote and start selling.


• We will create a webpage to display you fundraising campaign, and it will lead to our website directly to your products. Example:

• Promote your fundraiser on social media.

• Share with friends and family.

• Track your sales through our website: we will create an account on our website which will

let you track your sales.


6- Collect your money.


• At the end of the fundraiser, we will transfer your money to your provided Paypal account

or send you a check.



 T-shirt cost T-shirts sold

Total net


Total money

raised 40%

The rest goes for blank apparel cost, printing

costs, labor, packing materials, and credit card fees. 60%

$20 265 $5300 $2120 $3180

Our team representatives will help you along the way with anything you need.

Click here to get in touch with us and start your own


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