About Us

Our Goal

To create the highest quality t-shirts at affordable prices.


About Teesfor5


With years of experience screen printing and embroidering for businesses corporations and individuals with DPE,INC. We have started a new adventure. We launched teesfor5.com. The pourpose of teesfor5 is to have our own and unique t-shirts with a large variety of designs from different categories like sports, holidays, music, funny etc. etc... Because of our experience in the business, we have the ability to create amazing and fun to wear t-shirts with the highest quality amazing prices.


Meet the founders



      Jose E Fajardo
      Owner / Manager

      I’m a business man. I love sports, soccer and football are my favorites. I really enjoy a nice run or a good work out and spend time with family and friends.



     Jose B Marquez
     Owner / Manager

     I love what i do at work. It feels amazing to create t-shirts and different products that people love. In my spare time, I love to travel, and spend time with my family.